Dr. Jerome Burt



Straight truth.
Real love.

Dr. Jerome Burt

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When you embrace the truth, your life’s gonna change — for good.
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Get loved. Get real. Come alive.

Do you wake up each morning bursting with ideas and energy?
Do you feel that inner calmness and strength that comes from knowing you’re on the right path?
Do the inevitable daily setbacks leave you unfazed?

No? Well, you’re definitely not alone. Not even close.
In fact, most people I meet are right where you are. Feeling stuck. Uninspired. Disconnected. Blah. 
It doesn’t have to be this way.

I'm Jerome Burt, PhD, a clinical psychologist based in Nashville, Tennessee.
And what I offer is different. Really different. 

Jerome has amazing intellect and insight. He will make you laugh and cry—at yourself and with yourself.
In the end, you will understand yourself better, be able to make decisions with clarity and peace, and live a much happier life.
— Catharine Grimes
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